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Reading Club is hosted by AARP Foundation Experience Corps. The program engages highly trained volunteer tutors 50+ who help children attain literacy proficiency by the end of third grade, so children succeed and older adults thrive. The volunteer tutors are committed to helping students become fluent readers and encourage students to “read to sound like they are talking.” When students can read fluently it contributes to a higher level of comprehension.


My student is participating

Q: What do I do if my student is unable to attend?

A: If your student is unable to attend, please let your Reading Club point of contact know.

Q: Do we have to return the materials?

A: No, student keep all the materials they take home.

Q: What do I need to know about reading club?

A: Watch the video below to get to know the program and understand the structure of the tutoring session. Although the video is focused on a virtual session, the components are the same for in-person.

I want my student to participate

Q: How do I enroll my student?

A: Students are enrolled based on teacher recommendation. We rely on the professional judgement of teachers for the identification of students who need assistance with reading.

Q: Why only first through third grade?

A: Grade level reading by the end of third grade is an indicator for future success, so we focus our efforts on these grades to ensure we make the most impact.

Q: My school site does not have a Reading Club program through Experience Corps, how do I receive this service?

A: Reach out to your school administrator and have them contact

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