Mission, Vision, & Core Values

Agency Mission & Vision

The purpose of this organization is to assist immigrants, refugees and other under-served individuals in the greater Sacramento area to achieve economic self-sufficiency, social empowerment, and cultural appreciation. The Center accomplishes this mission by providing quality educational, vocational, human services and health programs to these individuals.

Mission for Expanded Learning

The mission of our expanded learning programs is to provide innovative, youth-driven, high quality out-of-school-time opportunities that include building school-community partnerships, engaging families to participate in their children’s learning, and learning through project-based enrichment that complements the school day.

Core Values


The Center strives to pursue excellence through a multitude of ways. Service through excellence is more than what we provide; it’s how we think and act. It’s more than just fixing a problem; it is prompt responses, consistent communication, quality information, and a focus on providing a superior experience each and every time.


The Center maintains respectful relations with stakeholders and supporters. We do this by promoting healthy choices and behaviors, access to high quality programs, and human services.


The Center understands the capacity for empathy as being essential in actively fulfilling the core value of respect. Through our encounters with others, The Center welcomes unique ideas, beliefs, cultures, and resources.


The Center is a proud member of the Sacramento region. Our efforts involve embracing the traditions, diversity, and rich heritage of those living among us.


In collaborative environments, the Center employs a dynamic and dedicated staff of Expanded Learning practitioners and volunteers. In our effort to serve the under-served, we seek to understand how we can best support each other and make choices that benefit everyone.