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After School Education and Safety Programs (ASES), After School Safety and Enrichment for Teens (ASSETs), and Expanded Learning Opportunity Programs (ELOP) in Sacramento City Unified School District

Associate Director ASES, ASSETs, & ELOPDavid
Program Coordinator ASES, ASSETs, & ELOPAshley
Program Coordinator ASES, ASSETs, & ELOPGionovan
Program Coordinator ASES, ASSETs, & ELOPMonik
Program Coordinator ASES, ASSETs, & ELOPTBDTBD
School Site:Program Manager:Email:
A. M. Winn Waldorf Inspired eK-8 ASESHali
Abraham Lincoln Elementary ASESKirsten
Albert Einstein Middle ASESPhillip
Alice Birney Public Waldorf K-8 ELOPIris
American Legion High ASSETsIsaiah
Bowling Green Charter ASESSheng
Camellia Basic Elementary ASESNan
C. K. McClatchy High ASSETsMaria Jose (MJ)
Caleb Greenwood Elementary ELOPRyan
California Middle ASESTBDTBD
Caroline Wenzel Elementary ASESAshley
Cesar Chavez Intermediate ASESGladys
David Lubin Elementary ASESChristian
Earl Warren Elementary ASESElizabeth
Elder Creek Elementary ASESNancy
Ethel Phillips Elementary ASESGreta
Fern Bacon Middle ASESGiselle
Genevieve F. Didion K-8 ELOPRizwan
Golden Empire Elementary ASESMonica
Hiram Johnson High ASSETsDee Hartin (Dar)
Hubert Bancroft Elementary ASESMichael
J. F. Kennedy High ASSETsJonathan Jimenez
John Bidwell Elementary ASESPaola
John Cabrillo Elementary ASESNate
Kit Carson International Academy ASESTBDTBD
Leonardo Da Vinci K-8 School ELOPTBDTBD
Martin Luther King Jr. K-8 ASESJasmine
Matsuyama Elementary ELOPDonna
Nicholas Elementary ASESBrenda
O. W. Erlewine Elementary ASESAlejandra
Pacific Elementary ASESBoMie
Peter Burnett Elementary ASESCesar
Phoebe Hearst Elementary ELOPKiarah
Pony Express Elementary ASESIan
Rosemont High ASSETsDalia
Sequoia Elementary ASESMarissa
School of Engineering & Sciences ASESTony
Sutterville Elementary ELOPAnthony
Tahoe Elementary ASESLindsey De
Theodore Judah Elementary ASESTBDTBD
Washington Elementary ASES & AOSZea
Will C. Wood Middle ASESAlex
William Land Elementary ASESMichael
Woodbine Elementary ASESAngel